These days, it’s getting harder to keep the little ones quiet. Who has never been completely mad because the littlest one seems to have devoured a lot of piles. The little ones, however protected, live surrounded byunbridled and very hectic routines, the result of an increasingly technological world. However, these stimulus sometimes cause serious problems with your concentration.

Discover 7 tips to stimulate your children’s concentration:

  1. Encourage him and promote the self esteem: Whenever your child fails a challenge or an activity, he feels frustrated, and in some cases, he may begin to feel that he is a “different boy”. But don’t let him feel that way, make him feel loved!
  2. Don’t yell, as this will further confuse and favor deconcentration. It is important that you become aware of your child’s level of concentration. He may have a slight lack of concentration, as in some cases, suffering from, for example, Hyperactivity or Attention Deficit. In this case, it is important to be aware of how to deal with it, so that your child does not feel different.
  3. Learn to remain calm and steady, in order to be able to deal, in the best way, with the lack of concentration and to manage the situation;
  4. Promote dialogue between all parties: parents, children and teachers. If your child is unfocused, he easily loses focus and gives up. It is important that the teacher is alert to create mechanisms to help capture the child’s interest;
  5. Create a reward system so that your child feels motivated to complete a certain task and, at the end, receives a little treat, to mark this little BIG victory!
  6. Encourage your child, from an early age, to create to-do lists. That way, whenever you complete one, you’ll have the pleasure of seeing it crossed out!
  7. Last but not least, promote a set of playful activities that encourage concentration, such as making board games, assembling puzzles, making group games. These types of games will stimulate the development of your child’s thinking, creativity and social skills.

Start stimulating your child’s concentration today and, you know, share the results with us!

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