In recent months, our lives have changed, ours and the world’s, we started to spend more time at home and to value things that were unnoticed in the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Not everything is bad, for those who have children it is a matter of organization so that everything works and there are some strategies that we can adopt to make our daily lives easier and gain quality time with our children.

In the morning, get up earlier to have time to calmly prepare things before the kids wake up.

If you are telecommuting, schedule the children’s day but give them freedom to play without impositions to avoid getting bored quickly, promote autonomy and wear comfortable clothes so that they are versatile to all activities.

Baking a cake, pancakes or any other candy is always one of the most fun team tasks that children always enjoy.

Delegate functions, the father and mother are the models that children follow, if they are used to having simple tasks from an early age, the whole family logistics is simpler.

Preparing meals the night before, cooking with children at home, working and playing/studying with the children is a task that requires time and calm, which is not always possible, streamline and simplify to make the whole process profitable.

In the afternoon, bathe them and have an early dinner. Preparing for the next day is halfway to the success of the day ahead.

And on the days when the whole organization fails, don’t worry, enjoy the time with the children, this pandemic will pass and children grow up very quickly and in a while they will only remember the games they played and the time of quality that passed together.

Author: Ana Marisa Correia


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