Nowadays, we have to reinvent ourselves, which we didn’t even think about before the pandemic, now and especially at home with children we have to find attractive, motivating activities that can be done in a “home environment”. If we used to put our backpacks on our backs and go for a walk in the mountains, now these walks are just around the house and it takes a lot of imagination so that they aren’t too monotonous! What we propose to you today is a picnic at home, not only the children will love it, but the parents will not have to prepare another meal.

All it takes is comfortable clothes, a blanket on the floor and everything in the pantry that can be eaten by hand. At the homemade picnic everything is allowed, from french fries, snacks, fruit, juices, anything that makes life easier for parents and children to enjoy is welcome.
Activities that go out of the ordinary are usually very well accepted by children, especially when routines are broken and something is done that is normally not allowed.

Are you joining us for this picnic?

We want to see photos! Identify #puzzlefamily so we can see!
See you soon!

Author: Ana Marisa Correia

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