Today is the International Day of Play and Puzzle Family has game suggestions for the whole family, kids and adults!

Here we’ve put together some play ideas for the whole family – because it’s not just children who play, adults can and should participate in the games and stimulate their children’s imaginations!

1. Crafts

There is no better way to stimulate children’s imagination than to give them the freedom to express themselves artistically. Use crayons, chalk, brushes and paints, plasticine or clay, or even reuse things you have at home, such as toilet paper rolls, empty yogurt containers, toothpicks… The options are endless, collages, drawings, paintings, modeling , there’s a whole world to explore so let’s get to work!

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2. Board Games

Board games are always a great hobby! In addition to being fun, they help children to develop logical thinking, memory, creativity and team spirit. Get the Monopoly out of the drawer and gather them all around the table for a game together!

board games

3. Creative cooking

Be adventurous with the kids in the kitchen, ask them what they want to cook and together get their hands dirty! Cooking is not only fun, it will teach them a valuable skill for the future. Take the opportunity to teach and explain a little about each food, its origin, composition, etc… This way, they will grow to know which foods to include in their diet and how they can prepare them!

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4. Game of Hide and Seek

Adults will certainly miss this game and there is nothing better than playing hide and seek with their children. This is a super dynamic game that will have you walking around the house trying to find the best hiding place and that will bring out your competitive side! What matters is that it is a game that certainly guarantees moments of great fun!


5. Catch Game

The catch game is fun and helps you exercise your body. Another advantage is that kids spend all their energy running around, which then makes bedtime easier. It’s a fun task that dads can use to their advantage when they want a quieter night.

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