Unsurprisingly, children like to imitate their parents in everything they do – the way they dress is one of them. When it comes to fashion, girls like to accompany their moms. Daughters are so similar to their mothers that it is impossible to deny them the family bond, and the connection is so strong that sometimes we want to show it to the world. Thus, the trend of equal clothing for Mother and Daughter has become increasingly popular in Portugal.

WithPuzzle Family, you can demonstrate the love you have for your daughter by dressing alike, showing the world the eternal bond that unites you. Dressing alike is also sharing moments of happiness, joy and love that will be forever engraved in both your memories.

Therefore, we suggest, below, five sets of identical clothes for Mother and Daughter. You don’t want to miss it!

1. 100% Cotton Dungarees

These comfortable dungarees are ideal, both for days of more relaxation when you just feel like staying at home, and for days when you feel like taking a walk with the family and comfort becomes essential. It’s a piece that allows you to put together a quick and effective look, without having to think too much about what you’re going to wear and what pieces you have to combine.

2. Light and Loose Dresses

Matching dresses for Mother and Daughter are a hit! If what you’re looking for is a classic dress that can be both comfortable and versatile, look no further! These dress models are perfect for the hottest days when you feel like being comfortable without neglecting elegance. They can be worn with heels for a more sophisticated look or with sneakers for a more casual look.

3. Balloon sleeve dress

American terry dress with balloon sleeve. Puckered effect. Round neckline. Details on the back. Pockets tucked into the seams.
Mother and Daughter Equal Dress.

4.Dress with pockets

There’s nothing more practical than a garment with pockets. When it comes to a dress, even better. This dress is the delight of the little ones because they can keep their little toys in their pockets and take them wherever they want.

5.Bicolor Dress

Bicolor polo dress, with regular cut and an hourglass look. 3/4 sleeve crimped in fold. Contrast belt. Open placket. Shoulders slumped Same dress for Mother and Daughter.

Where to buy Equal Clothing for Mother and Daughter produced in Portugal?

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