Spoiler alert: don’t hold back, but some dads are too uncreative and too distracted to remember that next Sunday is her day. I don’t know the details, but don’t expect too much, after all the best you already have: children, love, help and support… He certainly gives his best, but lack of time scored more points this week!

No whining, a day doesn’t represent your whole life as a mother, all the stories and laughs and the moments shared with the family. But yes, you’re right, it should be celebrated and never forgotten, after all, the sacrifices are great – children always come first and a mother’s love is suffered. So what to do? I leave you three steps to follow!

First, surprise all the mothers you know who probably have forgotten husbands like yours and next year you’re the one surprised. We are happy when we give to others and you will be amazed by the reactions! When we give love, we receive love and anything goes here: a message on a post-it, a flower, a candy to wish Happy Mother’s Day to a mother you admire, be it your mother, grandmother, daughter, cousin, niece, goddaughter ! Giving is also recognizing and materializing what we sometimes think is well understood on the other side, but it isn’t. Who doesn’t like to hear you’re a wonderful mother? There are days that we doubt a lot, I know! Days when we think “what have I failed?” Thus, Mother’s Day will be to assume that despite the mistakes, we fulfill our role in the most dignified way we could have done and remember the good times of the year.

Second, how about giving it that little touch “Dear, at PUZZLE FAMILY there are beautiful sets for the whole family and with pieces especially for Mother’s Day”. Believe that if he didn’t know, he’ll pretend he had everything under control and we’ll help so that nothing is missing!

Finally, save the day for the family, the kids certainly have games and plans thought out and if not, you will have a day off where you can be creative in activities. See the previous post where we talk about going to a park for good times with the family. But take an afternoon or a morning off the rest of the week to indulge yourself: buy that piece you wanted, that book, or go to the hairdresser, or the spa, or the terrace with friends for a gin, now that they’re open! You deserve it, after all, you are the best mother in the world!

If you were the big winner with a treat given by your husband and children, then enjoy, but make sure you take the time to take care of yourself – remember that in order to take care of others, we have to take care of ourselves!

Share Mother’s Day celebration with us with the hashtag #puzzlefamily so we can meet the best mom in the world!

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