Mother's Day 6

Until I was a mother, I hadn’t realized the importance of this day.

I’m sure that the mothers who read this post will identify, since the first school work, with little intervention from the baby, with a painting of a hand or foot, which are the most beautiful hand and foot in the world! To more elaborate works, already with an attempt at writing to say “I like Mom a lot” or, “Mom is beautiful” or, “Mom kisses” and that fills our hearts.


Mother’s Day isn’t just the first Sunday in May, it’s every day, every hour, every minute and every second and it’s so wonderful. 💖

Mother's Day 7

Being a mother is the best in the world, it’s spending sleepless nights, it’s not having time for anything, it’s not having energy, it’s having many doubts and uncertainties but still everything is fine because the best in the world calls us Mom…


If, like me, you are mothers who like to make matchy-matchy with your babies (or less babies, mine is already four years old and is still the “mother’s baby”), check out the beautiful collection that Puzzle Family designed for this day and enjoy a very happy day and show us, using the hashtag #puzzlefamily and soon we will have many surprises!

Happy Mother’s Day!

Text by: Ana Marisa Correia

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