Puzzle Family made the news in the 2nd edition of the magazine Miúdos & Graúdos.

Miúdos & Graúdos magazine, a new publication in the childcare segment. Edited by Futurestatus, the monthly magazine promises “information on pregnancy, parenting, family, women, men and seniors” with the aim of “helping parents, grandparents and professionals in the care and education of children and their growth” and “Contents they are created based on the testimonies of qualified experts and the information is journalistically treated and conveyed in a rigorous and accessible manner”, says the press release.

Puzzle Family
” The perfect companion for the happiest adventures of Spring-Summer 2019! For the hottest seasons of the year, Puzzle Family presents another irresistible collection, designed especially for holidays and family adventure weekends. Without ever forgetting its strong environmental concern, the brand sought inspiration from nature and the fun-filled outdoor family days. Infected by the freedom and well-being that these days convey to us, Puzzle Family does not fulfill the comfort and quality of the materials of the pieces it suggests, continuing to invest in timeless sportswear-inspired models, in cute suggestions, super practical and increasingly diversified, designed to adapt to the most varied occasions.” – Edition Number 2 – May 2019 in Miúdos & Graúdos Magazine


Miudos Graudos Puzzle Family Revista Miudos Graudos Puzzle Family.




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