September brings new beginnings! Well, that moment you’ve been waiting for has arrived! We know the feeling: you need a vacation from the holidays, but on the other hand working doesn’t seem like a wonderful alternative… it’s that bittersweet taste that stays and we don’t know if it’s sweeter or bitter. Wonderful or not, it’s inevitable: the kids will be back to school within a week and the parents will be back to work, if they haven’t already! The days go back to their usual routine, and everything has to flow again, back to planning healthy lunch boxes, controlled schedules, extracurricular activities, buying school supplies and endless to-do lists! We know how difficult this end of summer can be, with a return to shorter days and timed schedules, that’s why we had the freedom to leave you 5 tips to facilitate these first weeks of transition. Stay with us for a return to the perfected routine!

Plan your next week’s snacks and dinners now. No more improvised lunches and dinner snacks. We return to healthy lunch boxes and lunches with leftovers from dinner, which will certainly be more consistent to withstand endless days of work and do well without the ice cream and beer in the afternoon.

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Make a well-filled shopping list in accordance with the dinner and snack plans from the previous point: you will have less time again and so do yourfirst purchases calmly.

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Also make a list of necessary school supplies or see if the school has already made it – there are schools that have specific lists for parents not to buy unnecessary supplies. Don’t forget to pick up the books!

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Start going to bed earlier, and even if they don’t have classes already, wake them up early so they can be busy during the day and regularize their sleep.

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Clean up your closet and prepare your clothes for the new season! don’t wait for grayer days to come as the kids will already need tracksuits and comfortable clothes to face this return to school in style and comfort! For this autumn season, PUZZLE FAMILY has prepared a collection for you that will make all other parents jealous – see it all on our website!

Are you going to put these tips into action? Tell us everything! We want to see how you get back to your autumn routines with energy and ready to face new challenges! Post school trips with kids to match our wonderful fall collection by tagging us or #PuzzleFamily.