There is no doubt that feeding is one of the biggest concerns of dads and moms, whatever the age of the puppies!

However, attention is often focused on the main meals and snacks are, in some cases, neglected. But, these small meals should worry you too, as they are very important for the little ones to replenish the necessary nutrients throughout the day! Furthermore, they need to have all the energy in the kindergarten!

But, don’t be discouraged, we will give you some advice, and teach you, some tricks and tips so you can prepare healthy lunch boxes for your children.

First of all, don’t forget to clean your lunch box daily so that the remains of unpleasant odors and food disappear. When preparing the lunch box, call your child to help prepare the lunch box! And you know, it’s important that you ask him for his opinion and help, in order to start to arouse his interest in healthy and balanced eating.

Advancing a little, when preparing the snack always include:

  • Protein or Dairy (such as yogurt, milk, or cheese)
  • Fruit or vegetable (as they are sources of vitamins, minerals and fiber). Opt for seasonal fruits whenever possible!
  • Carbohydrate to provide energy (such as bread or cereal)
  • Water or a Natural Juice for your child to stay hydrated.

Be creative when preparing your child’s lunch box. It’s a good idea to vary so you don’t get tired and don’t forget that your eyes also eat! When preparing food, make cuts in fun shapes to encourage your little one to eat! And bet on the diversity of colors!

Choose foods that the child likes and is used to eating, making the lunch box an extension of eating at home.

Use cookie cutters and sandwiches in fun shapes to make the snack different and attractive.

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