As a Portuguese brand of national production, we work mostly, pieces composed of 100% cotton and timeless and durable models.

We stand out and differentiate ourselves by the quality of materials and finishes that each piece offers as we want to be an active part in the arduous task of leaving the world a little better than we found it, we demonstrate a strong concern for the environment, seeking to daily leave a smaller ecological footprint and less harmful to the planet. Thus, we seek to reuse and recycle materials throughout production and choose environmentally friendly knits.

sustentabilidade puzzle family 1

We have a reduced stock, that is, we refuse to work in mass production and we have all the care and affection in making each piece of clothing, paying special attention to every detail – Only that way it makes sense, and Puzzle Family families can almost say they have exclusive pieces. Thus, we are launching several collections throughout the year, with limited stock, precisely because we work sustainably and with recycled fabrics.

We support and stimulate the local community and economy through funding, activities and working with the seamstresses in our region and therefore all our clothes are of national design and production.